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Any business or organization is a complex system of interactions. Rescript Consulting brings system theory to the fore to help leaders and managers build a thriving, synergistic, and sustainable system.
Solutions through systems thinking.
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Successful businesses or organizations are able to manage the complexity pressures from without (external risks, socio-economic pressures, and disasters just to name a few), and also within (people energy management, leadership, and whether to automate or not, etc.). We can help you master these pressures.
Intelligently working with complexity.
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Without properly defined technology strategies, systems and structures, organizations can’t manage the complexity of the modern marketplace. However, systems that are too rigid, also perish, or worse, collapse under internal and external pressures. Is your business ready to face the modern marketplace’s complexity?
Enabling people and systems to work in synergy.
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Our 5 core principles of consultation:


Understanding the unique composition of each organization using AI


Thinking through problems systemically. In other words, thinking through unintended consequences of changes to the system.


Taking concrete, measurable action.


Keeping the realities and opportunities of the 4 th Industrial Revolution in mind.


Data-driven decision-making and solutions.
Partnering with Rescript will accelerate growth, give clarity and direction, and allow you to reach your goals in a sustainable and intelligent way.

"Everything depends upon execution; having just a vision is no solution."

Rescript Consulting Services

Rescript Consulting can help you reimagine change through the following strategies:

Management and leadership training

We frequently encounter people who need to be able to manage and lead. For this reason, Rescript Consulting has developed a unique training curriculum which cater to the development of both leaders and managers.

Executive, performance and team coaching

The Shadowmatch system enables businesses to make intelligent decisions regarding employee wellness, performance, recruitment, building a talent pipeline and employee-work match.

Strategic and Operational HR Development

Rescript Consulting has developed a thorough Strategic HR arsenal to help each organisation develop their human resource function sensibly.

Outsourced Human Resource Management and Development

Rescript Consulting has cost-effective retainer options for organization and businesses to reap the benefits of seasoned HR specialists, without the heavy salary accompanying such an appointment.

Future readiness workshops

Rescript has collaborated with two other authors to write a understandable and user-friendly guidebook to the future.

Organisational and corporate wellness

We assists organizations invest in their corporate wellness and the mental health of their employees in a thorough 4-step process.

Business strategy, organisational design and change management

We make use of an AI system to measure the design integrity of the organization seeking to create a strategic plan for their future.


How can ReScript Consulting help you reimagine change?


Rescript's consultation philosophy is based on the following point of departure:

Rescript’s coaching methods are based on the latest research and discoveries in the field of neuroscience. We assume that working with the human brain (and entire nervous system) is a crucial component to enable change, drive performance and arrive at a thriving situation.

The second pillar is based on the psychological stream of behaviourism. In partnership with our key strategic partner, Shadowmatch, we use people’s behavioural patterns as the backbone of our approach to people, teams and organisations.

The global pandemic of 2020 fundamentally altered our society. From how we do business right through to how workspaces are utilised. We enable our clients from the individual to organizational level to make this change successfully
The 4th industrial revolution.

The global pandemic of 2020 was merely a symptom of the greater global revolution occurring right now.
The 21st century advancement of Artificial Intelligence, robotics, big data, AI informed automation, The Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain technology and globalization all mean that business as usual has shifted. We coach and consult with this fact in mind.

Messages from our clients.

Rescript is dynamic, interesting and supportive. Every interaction is insightful, resourceful and practical. We’ve acquired new perspectives, skills, knowledge, tools and resources relevant to our core work. The learning is ongoing and endless.

Marlie Holtzhausen Embedded Research (James 1:27 Trust)

What sets Rescript apart is their ability to be focused and to deliver professional services beyond industry standards. Their integration of international best practice into workable solutions is impressive.

Robert Botha Director (JSEC)

The Rescript team is highly professional, and it is a pleasure to work with them daily. They are always willing to lend an ear and supply advice regarding any HR needs. Rescript consulting opened a new (and better!) world regarding the management of our staff – from recruitment, onboarding and training to employee wellness and coaching.

Mariëtte Ischner Managing Director (Royal Finance)


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